Helping Hand Grants Fill Needed Void



The need is there

Calls come into the Alliance and Foundation offices

every day with sad stories of people being forced out

of their homes because they cannot pay their rent and make critical home repairs such as broken plumbing, leaking roofs, broken water heaters, dysfunctional furnaces…….. 


But others don’t respond

When this occurs, social service agencies and other non-profits will often reject applications for assistance because the home is a mobile home in a rental community.

New program allows Tomorrow's Home Foundation to step in

The Tomorrow’s Home Foundation received a desperate letter from a single mother named Janet.  Her roof was leaking terribly and she was being told by social services that her home was not habitable for her and her autistic son unless she had the roof repairs completed soon.  The leaks were causing mold, window damage, floor damage and they were in jeopardy of being separated.  A grant from the Foundation allowed her and her son to stay in their own home.  Grants are now available to help in these situations.

Wisconsin applicants only

“I don’t know what I would have done without your program.   Nobody else would help me… I cannot thank you enough.”    Heidi McGee, Grant Recipient

Important Income Guideline: Applicants must be at or below 50% of the county median income to qualify.

Click here for the Wisconsin County Median Income List